Board of Directors

Delek Group boards includes some of the most prominent figures in the Israeli business community.

Gabriel Last
Mr. Last was previously CEO of Delek Group Ltd. (2001-03). Between 1998-2001 Mr. Last was the Managing Director of Israeli Society of Insurance Companies and of Israeli Association of Life Insurance Companies Ltd. Previously Mr. Last served as Vice Inspector General, Israeli Police Force (1996-98).

Mr. Last is the Chairman of Delek Group, Delek Petroleum, Delek Energy, Delek Motors, Delek Motor Systems, Delek Infrastructures, Delek Properties & Investments and the Delek Fund for Education and Culture. Mr. Last is also a Director of a number of the Group's subsidiaries and affiliates.
Avi Harel
Mr. Harel was until recently the Chief Financial Officer of Bank Hapoalim. Previously he held a number of positions as a member of the Board of Management of Bank Hapoalim. In addition, Mr. Harel was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Otsar Hahayal and Poalim Capital Markets. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and Maalot – the Israeli rating company. Mr. Harel lectured for many years at the Department of Economics of Tel Aviv University.

Today Mr. Harel is a member of the Board of Directors of several companies (including banks) in and outside of Israel.
Carmit Elroy
Mrs Carmit Elroy is a board member of Delek Israel and Delek Drilling. Mrs Elroy is engaged in the real estate sector and in wholesale retail trade.

Mrs Elroy holds a BA from University of Tel Aviv.
Yehudit Tytelman
External Director
Ms. Tytelman has held a number of senior positions in the investment field, including; Deputy CEO and VP Investment Division of Ayalon Insurance Company; Chief Investment Manager of Migdal Gemel Platinum and Investment Department Manager of Bank Mizrahi Provident Funds.

Today Ms. Tytelman is a member on the boards of directors of several companies.

Ms. Tytelman holds a M.A. in Economics and Business Administration as well a B.A. in Economics and Statistics; both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Yitzhak (Isaac) Tshuva
Mr. Yitzhak Tshuva (Isaac Tshuva) is an Israeli entrepreneur and business man with large-scale global business operations. Mr. Tshuva is responsible for the discovery of major offshore natural gas reserves along the coast of Israel that began in 2000. His achievements in the energy sector have greatly contributed to establishing Israel as a prominent international player in the energy sector. The gas reserves Mr. Tshuva helped fund have given Israel independence in terms of energy and a geographic political advantage.

Roni Ron Milo
Lawyer, Educated at Law Faculty, Tel-Aviv University
Elected to the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th Knesset
Deputy Foreign Minister , Acting Minister of Interior , Minister of the Environment , Minister of Labor and Welfare , Minister of Homeland Security , Member of the Ministerial Council on Security , Minister of Health , Minister for Regional Cooperation
1993-98 Elected as the 8th Mayor of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa.
Mr. Milo was Chairman of the Board of Azorim Investment Ltd. IDB Group and served as a Board member of Bank Yahav , American Israeli Paper Mills Ltd. Group and Kardan Real Estate
Today :
Since 4/2015 Board member of Delek Group Ltd
Hosting a weekly TV show about current issues
Arie Zief
External Director
Director, Petrochoemical Industries.
External director, Shlomo Sixst Holdings
External director, Delek-Group
Vice President of the Tel-Aviv and Central Israel Chamber of Commerce

Honorary Treasurer of Israel's Olympic Committee, Member of the Board of Israel's Football Association and Committee Director of the Landau Prize for Arts and Sciences.

Education: Graduate in Economics specializing in Agricultural Economics – the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Professional Background:
Head of Customs and Value Added Taxes
Member of the Advisory Committee, The Bank of Israel.
Chairman of the Carmel Olefins
Chairman of Mizrahi Bank's Investments
Director of Bank Mizrahi-Group
Chairman of Modgal Ltd
Chairman of the Israel Betting Council board
Chairman of the Flower Growers Council
Senior Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade
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