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Delek Infrastructure Ltd., Independent Power Plants
100% held by Delek Group
Chairman: Moshe Karadi 
CEO: Silviu Witting
Delek Group fully owns the Independent Power Production (IPP) plant that services the Ashkelon water desalination facility (controlled 50% by IDE Tech.), which is sourced with natural gas from the Yam Tethys reserve. The Combined Cycle cogeneration power plant with a capacity of around 87 MW, provides majority of its capacity to the desalination plant and the rest is sold to private customers and/or the Israel Electricity Company.
Delek Infrastructure also holds 100% of IPP Delek Soreq, which is building a power station with a capacity of 140MW under the framework of a BOT agreement, in order to power a desalination plant with an output of 150m cubic meters per year.

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Oren Marnin

Chief Economist

7 Giborei Israel, Netanya

Tel: +972 9 8638702
Fax: +972 9 8638727
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